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India vs China: 53 Chinese mobile Apps banned by Indian Government. warned by Indian intelligence Agency.

India vs china  This topic has gained a lot of attention in recent times when the galwan valley incident occurred in the part of Indian territory. China aggressively killed the 20 jawans of the Indian army and officers too. This incident has taken an online turn now. As everyone knows, China has aggressively put major steps in the online economy of not only India but every country of the world. Youtube vs Tick Tock Some time ago the well-known youtube vs tick tock controversy took place in Indian reason. the reason behind this as the content available on the Chinese app. the content was not monitored by the app neither they were following any guidelines provided by the government of India and the Google privacy policy.  this controversy has gained a lot of popularity because the famous Indian Youtuber and a well-known roster and also a popular social media personality Carry Minati had roasted the platform and the content in this app. he targeted another social media star, a so-called t

Top ten highest paid programming languages of 2020

Programming languages are one of the necessary things for any software engineer. something that they have given a lot of time in academia. some students are super sharp-minded that they handle things very well. but not everybody. learning a new language is always a tough task for most of us. so if have to choose which language should be your first choice. you'll probably pick the most easier one or highest paying that can give you the best return in the market.  we have done an easier job for you. we have picked the top ten highest paying programming language technologies for you that can give you the best return in 2020. this observation is released by the most famous site they release the  Developer Survey  every year. if you are a tech enthusiast then you must have gone on this website one in your life. they have given the list of highest-paid programming languages in 2020 Clojure                 $90k F#                         $80k Go